Monday, February 17, 2020

Lilith, the Only Goddess?

In my dreams I have seen several things, this includes the figure Lilith. In fact in one dream I ended up killing a very large snake to save a comrade, this dream has been written down not long ago.

Perhaps the aforementioned snake may have been the representation of Lilith since she has shown up in my dreams as a large snake before, not long ago. I knew that it was her on that one dream when I came across a very large snake, although not as large as the one I killed, because of her same large bright yellow eyes. In that dream I just stepped back slowly whilst observing the snake, and all of a sudden the pupils in its eyes narrowed more.

Recently I have been questioning if Lilith is actually real, or if it is even her. I made a blog post explaining why I believed that Lilith does not exist anymore. After this blog post I had several dreams to do with Lilith. Lilith has not threatened me directly, not verbally anyway. I did see, however, an older man in a Minds Eye Vision (MEV) crouching as he was walking whilst looking in pain while his hands were holding his genital parts, just after a dream to do with Lilith. I did not insult or taunt Lilith at that time, all I fucking said was that I started doubting her existence.

Why did she threaten me, rather than logically trying to convince me of her existence, even when she has not been so hostile against me before, other than an incident in which I invited (pun) by making fun of her?

Today I apologized in my heart when I came to the realization that I was being a bully, because a woman of the otherworld mentioned it to me. This made me think of the verbal abuse, jokes, and taunts I made against Lilith. I came to feel regret that I was showing such bullying behavior, then I came to actually feel a certain love towards Lilith and especially towards my woman of the otherworld, as usual, however is often unlike me to have a love for Lilith, unless she is the same female as A******.

One of the dreams to do with Lilith as far as I can recall is,

Sitting down at a table along with a female and a couple of guys, we were hearing and watching a show that seems to have been put on by Lilith. 
The guy sitting next to me was a fairly burly guy. I was drinking my ordinary VB beer in my beer mug while watching females and males dancing, the males had their shirts off (not from betting too much) whereas the females were properly clothed. 
I look back at the table, their was allot of dialogue going on, and a certain female voice was seemingly speaking to me directly but I cannot remember what she had said, probably something to do with a snake. The burly guy was drinking the rest of my can of beer that I used and poured into my mug. I had no issue with him doing that because I was thinking that I still had eleven elven VB's in the fridge. 
Watching the females dancing, they were told to do the snake dance. When they were told this they started moving their hands in a wave like motion, then a voice told them "no, not like that, like this", they continued doing their dance whilst at the same time I heard a woman singing. 
---End of Short Dream--- 
The above mentioned dream is interesting because that night I was drunk and got upset about how some guy had Lilith sing to them whereas not with me. Especially over how one guy was saying that when he insulted Lilith, Lilith just sang a beautiful voice song to him whereas with me she shook me in bed, growled and whacked my ears a while back (hey guys, that is one way to get her attention). So, I did not find this very pleasant to hear about, at all.

Personally I think Lilith hates me and never really liked me anyway. Then, the only reason why I am being nice and hush towards this Lilith is because I do not want to show any bullying behaviour.

Something that is interesting that happened a couple of days ago is when I bought my woman of the otherworld some gifts. A few nights ago I got into an upset drunken rage. That night I accidentally broke my closet door off from its hinges, this was not intentional. After my drunkedness subsided, and I was left with a headache, I got sad and thought suicidal thoughts. I punched my fan and broke it when I felt as though no one even cared even in the slightest.

The next day, I repaired my fan and my door. I felt very deeply concerned about my woman of the otherworld having been through all of that, and this upset me. Henceforth I bought a bottle of good wine and a card along with some Roses that I picked myself for her. That night I had failed, because formerly I was drinking allot less, making an effort. I did not even drink for four days deliberately, and that is a big deal for me. I lost it on the fifth day when I had another shitty dream about some blonde bitch who fucks other men in front me, and I felt upset about my damaged faith. My faith in Jesus is not so much anymore, however I have much faith in Jehovah still.

I received a MEV again as I usually do, like today I saw my woman of the otherworld beautifully dressed in my MEV, the black haired woman showed herself yesterday morning undertaking an Enema whilst lying down on a bench with another female holding up the tube. The liquid was dark red similar to blood, however I realized that it was actually wine as though she was trying to say that she does not like wine, since I bought her a bottle the day before. This may be the case but the wine is a symbolic gesture of my apology and to show my love for my woman of the otherworld. Anyway, she is the same woman as the one who was nicely dressed today. I was going to dress nicely today except I had to do things today, one of which involved my friends dogs.

The shitty dreams I have been having for a while now, are where me and a woman are starting to get involved with each other when she then goes after another man, even having sex with him in front of me or worse yet with one of my best friends. Why the fuck would any cunt give me those fucked up dreams?

It looks like me and my woman of the otherworld have made up and we are now back on track, (although I am still unsure if we are even still in a relationship). This morning I awoke with a great love for her and some love for Lilith. And, it was that she liked me too and started gently touching me again. This morning I had another MEV, this time I had seen Cordenilia again, I had not seen her for a while. She looked as though she was annoyed over something, most likely my drinking issue.

This morning I heard a couple of women of the otherworld trying to talk to me, I only heard the word night, probably to do with the other night when I got drunk. It is a difficult process to reduce my alcohol intake but so far it is working. I am buying alternative drinks to help me. I love my otherworldly woman allot, she is the prime motivator for me to drink less so that she does not have to suffer anymore with my drunken bouts and anger, although not directed towards her.

I have a love for my family but, for some reason, not as much as I have for my woman of the otherworld. I fear that there has been different women of the otherworld that seem to change around on a type of roster, for I only want the one and only woman of the otherworld. I call her a 'woman of the otherworld' since I still do not truly know her actual name, becasue I have heard of many names of women. The most recent names I have received are; [a list of different names of women]. Apparently [First and last name of a woman] is often in my room. First I need to see a face with a name. Apparently the main woman who has been with me looks like [an actresses name], the Australian actress, such that I can only assume she is Lady [last name of the woman]. Then why is it that I do not see her in my minds eye?

Who exactly is the black haired female of the otherworld that I consistently see in my MEVs? One woman of the otherworld that may have been her claims to be A****** and represents herself as a five pointed star and says that she is superwoman. The first time I had seen this female was in a dream where I had sex for the first time in my dream. I had an interesting question that I thought of in the shower for Freiyja and Odinn that would solve allot of what we know. Then I tried to call upon Freiyja. Whomever this female of the otherworld  was, she answered me, read the dream about it. The next morning I got an MEV of the same woman, the woman I see even to this day, the black haired female. I had a MEV of her wearing nothing in the lower half and having a tail whilst bending over wanting to have sex and wearing a supergirl costume on the top half. I then heard in my ears "I am super woman". This was interesting since later, after typing superwoman, I stumbled across an image that looked exactly like her under 'wonder woman erotic art'. Since then she always shows herself as a five pointed star in my MEVs.

Bebh used to be the female that I had seen the most but she always wanted to have sex with me for some reason and she has often been associated with some tall black figure with large talons. Whereas the black haired woman seems to be under no one or associated with any figure like that of Bebh, which is a good thing for me. This black haired woman does not seem evil and has even told me of how she once loved Odinn and that she over rules an army of one million six hundred thousand and that she also loves me, although she may have been trying to make me feel better.

Also, today I had also seen that this same black haired woman may also be Lamia, other than Freiyja, A******, Lilith, and I*****. She appeared to be restrained to a wall by being tied around the arms and had a snakes tail. Lamia was likened to be a child eating monster however I do not see a monster but a beautiful female that I came to love. She even said that she owns a coffee shop, most likely she was talking about the Starbucks logo of Lamia. But how could she be the mother of the harlots, as mentioned in the book of Revelation? Either way, she does not seem to be a prostitute to me, although at first she did seem quite promiscuous, but not anymore.

Actually, I have come to find that the black haired woman loves me, she gets quickly jealous if she sees me speaking to other young women. I also get jealous, very angrily jealous, especially when intoxicated, when I read about her having been involved with other men and I was really angered when I read an experience were she flirted with one man allot more than she did with me. However, that experience was a while back in time. Perhaps secretly deep down inside of us both is that we love each other. It is a little weird though when one thinks about it. Why would a powerful well-known Goddess of the ages want to become involved with a mortal such as myself and has a drinking problem? I hope that she does not think that I am Odinn.

Sure we can socialize with each other and get to know one another, however is being in a romantic relationship a good idea? I suppose I do are for her safety and health, that is why I would strongly discourage her from being a whore. This described black haired woman also seems to be the described Lilith. She appeared to me in my MEVs several times a while ago, with those bright yellow eyes and was also the black haired female. She is not trying to threaten me into being in a relationship with her, is she? The foundations of that kind of relationship would be weak and easily shaken. She cannot threaten me and expect positive results from that. If she truly loved me, then why would she threaten me? Perhaps she does not love me at all, after all this Lilith has many a man/female to choose from.

So, maybe there is a reason why Jehovah told us to stay away from types like her (Proverbs 5 to 7). In what way can this Lilith convince me that she loves me, perhaps with some more fucking threats? Where is her head at? I am not sure but I am eager to find out what she has to offer to convince me (she won't convince me, fuck, she is a mighty goddess that wont give two shits about us).

On a different but related subject, that regarding my woman of the otherworld, I believe I may have caught a brief glimpse into whom she truly looks like through a MEV. She looks like a blonde haired version of the red haired woman in my dream were the black haired female had two tattoos on her lower back, one that was 'Zimi' and the other was a black five pointed star, the same one that Bebh had tattooed on her top left brow. Are they perhaps the same female?

Considering the similarities here; the red haired woman (not Satan, I do not think), the blonde haired female, and the black haired woman. Both blondes here look a little the same, except the latter blonde woman that is not Bebh has curly blonde hair instead of straight like that of Bebh. This blonde, with the curly hair, had red lips when she appeared, and so did the black haired female. This woman with the curly blonde hair, before I had known of the logo, imitated the Starbucks logo by hiding her breasts with her flowing blonde hair, even the Starbucks logo looks a bit similar to her. This same black haired female had a snakes tail a little similar to the Starbucks logo, that was made to imitate Lamia.

This black haired woman also morphed into the young red haired woman. But the female that I saw had red hair was middle aged and was very beautiful that also had red lips, in which I think may be her true appearance. On the downside, this red haired lady looks like a female version of Satan. This, red haired lady, I think, represents Lilith. After rescuing her, in the first dream I had of her, we walked out of the building and she had her back turned on me, walking away from me, whilst I was walking behind her speaking with a woman next to me, in whom I could not remember her face, I asked "is she royalty?", she replied "not yet". This implies that this red haired female is in search of a romantic companion in whom is a King. I am not a King and I am not a God and never will I be one, I suppose I enjoy the limitations and mysteries of life.

I had another certain dream of this beautiful red haired lady. Me and many others were standing in a large room and I was with a few guys near me but I was the only person not socializing with anyone. The other women in the room were dressed in slutty attire and speaking with other men except for me. In front of me I had seen a platinum blonde woman dressed loosely and had black painted lips standing near the entrance speaking with a few men.

All of a sudden the male next to me said "here she is, that's her", and a red haired female (the same one that I formerly described) walked in, and looked as hot and sexy as always, then sat down alone. Fuck she had a nice ass just like when I saw one time when we were in a room together, she also showed herself to be the curly blonde haired female with red lips. In another dream it was also said that she was abandoned by a former lover. In that dream I was asked in whom I would prefer; the black haired harlot or the red haired female. I chose the red haired woman.

The reason why the red haired woman rarely turns up anymore is beyond me. Again, perhaps because of my bad drinking habit? Does any of these really matter anyway, I have lived without her. Yet again, this red haired woman may end up being the Satan of God and mankind. The Devil probably appeared as this attractive red haired woman to tempt us into, something. Other than death, what else would he be trying to lure us into?

So, Bebh, Elizabeth (the red haired female), A***** (the black haired woman) may actually end up being the same woman, and the curly blonde haired woman as well. In all of these instances she may be the Venusian Goddess and the image of the Starbucks log, Lamia. What if the Venusian Goddess wants to seduce me to harm me because I swore and verbally abused one of her followers for inviting me to talk to her, this was a couple of years ago.

D I have to be strong and firm against the Venusian Goddess? Do I have to prove steadfast in righteousness? Do I have to actively fight against her and her machinations? Or does she legitimately love me, which means she is to be with no one else but me? Really, does she actually love me? Am I just another one of her many interested people and have no business with her nor importance? What is she aiming to accomplish?

Maybe it might not be a good thing to wait and see, for perhaps many have been eliminated doing that. It may be a good thing to act now before it is too late. What if this love I felt this morning is just some enchantment or them tampering around with my neuro-chemical signals? It may be time to act, to crush Lilith's name (the Venusian Goddess) with websites and blog posts. Power has gotten to her head and her heart, she does not actually even truly care for any of us, she always wants something in return, for example, to 'own' us and our souls.

Be another seduced victim or be a mighty hero who stand for the right of others and refuses to be seduced by a harlot in scarlot. But, who is my woman of the otherworld apart of, Lilith, the Venusian Goddess? What if it came a time that she had to choose between her and me, to whom will she be with?

I must read this that I have written constantly as to remind myself. 

She has appeared to me with these crocodile eyes as well, not just the snake eyes in my Minds Eye Vision (MEV). 


Thursday, January 30, 2020

Do Goddesses Exist?

In the back of your mind you would often have doubts, and I know that you would, because I often did even after all that I had seen. It then began to manifest to me, that, these Goddesses do not exist but are 'entities' pretending to be them. Especially Lilith does not exist. Sorry to break your hearts, but truth will do us justice and out of the 'clouds'.

Would the Queen of England or Princess Diana personally visit you and vibrate your balls if you sent a personal request via email? Say, you have never seen Queen Elizabeth in your life, you only heard of her, yet she comes to you claiming to be her, how can you be certain it is her? Why would she want to vibrate your balls at all? What about the 10,000 other people that want their balls vibrated at the same time? Apparently they do get what they wanted. But, what if the stuff they teach, including what the scriptures teach, is that they are in fact wicked spirits that cause harm to people?

Many call upon Lilith and describe the experience as though they had a unique experience, but I can tell you, if you actually did the research, it is nothing new or special. But how can she visit so many people at once? My understanding thus far is that all wicked spirits are commanded under one means of authority, most likely this is satan (who is also the serpent) who derives man's desires through 1) mainstream society, 2) preferences from the past thousands of years of mans existence, and 3) the person's personality type.

Who do you believe exists, Lilith or Ishtar (Inanna)? Do you truly believe in the mythological accounts of Lilith and Ishtar? Do you think that Lilith and Ishtar are the same? If you said yes to any of these, then, you are an idiot. Lilith was killed by Ishtar's brother Gilgamesh, yes, brother, not the guy that refused Ishtar's advances. (Although I am not too sure about the claim of this story about Gilgamesh being Ishtar's brother).

Anyway, the accounts in mythology are ridiculous and hard to believe exist. You could probably make a goddess up and preach online as her existing and offering amazing benefits and people would believe you, then everyone starts claiming that they were the one and only chosen by your bullshit goddess, what a fucked up ego boost for losers. Watch the video about the Lucky Dog from one of Derren Brown's videos. Spirit creatures can do the same thing too, they can pretend to be someone else since they are shape-shifters after all, and they probably want obeisance and worship for themselves. This seems like a dishonourable method for losers who are loners.

These fucking cunt of spirits would do anything they can do to make you believe their bullshit stories and lead you into a false life. If it is too good to be true it generally isn't true, in this case , it is never true with them. It does not matter anyway, this supposed Ishtar has not visited me in a little while. Now, I do not believe it was her.

I made a promise to not tell of this event that happened a while back, however how can I make a promise to something that does not even exist. One night I insulted Lilith and made a joke of her repetitively after coming back from the fire station. I joked about her being a bitch hencewhy she goes through so many lovers/failed relationships and so forth. That night around 4 am in the morning she shook me in bed, whilst I felt my ears vibrating inside like I was being whacked across the ears, and at the same time it/she was growling. At that time I was feeling sober and had some love and made a promise to her not to mention this incident. I kept that promise until now, because Lilith does not exist. The wicked spirits do this to keep up the act and the lie.

Now I can harass, torment, and insult her all I want, knowing that she does not actually even exist and is made up. I would believe in Ishtar before I believe in Lilith anyway, therefore Lilith is apparently deceased. What happens now? Will another cunt of the spirit world pretend to be this harlot goddess and try to punish me to try and make this lie look real? All logic and reasoning and truth shows that Lilith is a lie, even if she did once exist, she is not actually here today.

From this, then how can we believe in Lilith's apparent 'daughters'? How do we not know that the Succubi (shape-shifters) are not wicked spirits, or worse yet, tranny's?

You know how women who seek empowerment in the world turn to Lilith if they were abused and suppressed by men, then, what if this apparent Lilith is a male molester and rapist? Same goes for men seeking a way out. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

The above chic could actually be this cock-sucker sucking your cock:


Monday, January 13, 2020

No Love Compares - Human Women = No

If you read the former posts I put up, I had suspected that my woman of the otherworld was conspiring against me with the devil. This just does not make sense in regards to how she would unconditionally help me out at times, mostly recently. That is one thing that she is good at.

My beautiful woman of the Otherworld Jenny (names have been changed) thinks that I am worth allot in value, which is a good thing. She meant this in a none slavery exchange/trade way. Even during the past 4 or 5 days of me pushing her away and threatening to call upon God to separate her from me, she still persisted and tried to show me that she loves me by continuing to help me and touch me and show me images of her in my minds eye.

It occurs to me that, I shall not allow Satan to drive a wedge and create a chasm between me and Jenny. Jenny is my love of a life that I cannot let go, and she will not let me go either. Although we will both face our difficulties in our relationship, we have found that our love is unshakable, unbreakable.

For those few days of me rejecting her, I felt no love for her at that stage, I did feel a little bit of love only for short bursts. Until the past 2 days I started to feel the stab in my heart and psychology of leaving my only love I have ever had and hope to have. Yesterday I just walked into my shed and pounded some heavy weights in a fit of rage and aggressiveness, lifting dumbbells and barbells for as long as I could. I was hurt. I could not just leave my Jenny like that.

Yeah, sure, sex would be great, but she is allot more than that. A perfect woman, perfect marriage material, as though God formed her with his own hands and through stuff like procreation. This morning I really felt it, as also last night, however I did not say anything until the morning. I woke up and just broke out telling her how much I loved her and how I want her and need her, she is not a tool she is what makes apart of me. To remove her would be like hand sawing my leg off with a butter knife, very painful and in the end very tiring. Especially when that leg was my crotch in life and my support that helped me. Why would you do that? Because my leg appeared to be in the wrong when in fact it was most likely an imposter? I should not assume or judge so quickly.

I hope that one day we can live alone with each other without any interference from others, this includes those from the otherworld. Being in a remote place away from society, since I do not really like societal rules very much, in that it is set up wrong and is not beneficial for me. So, living off of the grid with my woman of the otherworld where she can manifest as much as she wants without the interference of the human people and possibly being exposed.

I have never had a human girlfriend in my life, even when some were interested in me. Some guys started thinking I was gay or something, I am in fact far from homo. Perhaps my inner need had been to be with a woman not alike the human ones we see day to day. Perhaps my open covalent bond did not match human females but some few women of the otherworld, in this case Jenny. Jenny does NOT try to possess my consciousness at all, she respects me, the only thing she might tamper with is my sexuality ;-D. I would rather be with her in all honesty, the reasons are extensive, however here is the problems with women that I have seen in brief,
  • They prefer men who have got large pockets and nice cars, even though they deny that they are hiding the fact. 
  • Many tend to be self inclined in these ages, about empowering themselves over men (whereas Jenny is stronger than me and she does not try and overpower me, what a babe). 
  • These women in todays world really prefer men who follow mainstream trends and fashion, whereas my dear Jenny accepts me dressing according to whatever tasks I am doing. 
Let me tell you that she is a breath of fresh air, nay, a warm fire on a cold winter night versus human women who are only a whisp of heat from a cold coal. Jenny knows allot and is kind and is allot wiser than human women. Her loving me says allot. She found me, not me finding her. 

I loved a woman dearly as I watched her growing up then out of nowhere she just took a disliking to me for no reason, which may be attributed to the/a woman of the otherworld however unlikely Jenny. This hurt, which made my heart more chaliced towards human females, now she is dating some dude with a nice car, but now my heart does not care too much since Jenny is worth 1,000 (if not more) of her. Out of all the females in my life I have had a crush on and loved (not in a relationship though), Jenny would have to be the woman I have loved more than any other, and that is a promise. 

If you have a relationship with a woman of the otherworld, and she is not some crazy bitch, never let her go, she is best kept and loved, she loves you hencewhy she accepted you out of any other males there is to choose from.


Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Reasons Why We should Reject Satan

“That one was a manslayer when he began, and he did not stand fast in the truth, because truth is not in him.” - John 8:44 and 1John 3:18 

After what he did with the first man and woman (Adam and Eve) this would make him a murderer and an enemy of mankind, "just as through one man sin entered into the world and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because they had all sinned" (Romans 5:12). It is also evident that the Israelite's/Jews, Jesus and his disciples knew that Satan existed as a person.

In the eyes of any honourable and right hearted person, Satan is most truly unworthy of recognition, worship, or service. Satan spreads his propaganda to all people in order to blind them from the truth of the events and what is really going on in the world around them. What is happening is that "the world is passing away and so is its desire" with the destruction of our environment, pollution, hunger/poverty, and selfish politicians. All signs that Satan is truly grasping the world, "but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one" (1John 5:19).

In my opinion, as I stated in my former post, he is like Hitler on mental pills. Satan has been proven to be unable to rule even himself let alone others. Satan has been given enough time, and is failing. Just as he thinks he is securing peace, many are sent into poverty just to keep the other people in a state of "the world is fine, nothing is wrong" attitude, 'buy more', 'get the latest', 'live a good life by chasing success', 'don't take notice of anything outside of your world because you are living a good life'.

One entity told me one day "Satan takes care of lost souls". What Satan has been described of is; "Your adversary, the Devil, walks about like a roaring lion, seeking to devour someone" (1Peter 5:8). So, why would you want to leave your hiking group and find a guide in the lions den? I have seen Satan actually tormenting spirits of the dead before. Perhaps this entity that told me was hired to say that in that he would attain some reward. The beings that Satan is not opposed to is his subservient fallen rebellious angels, namely the demons. Demons are wicked spirits, there is no way around it, no excuses.

In effect Satan is the enemy of mankind and of God Jehovah (I do not believe Jesus and God are the same). Hence, why should Satan be deserving of worship or even attain any authority at all?

Just like fighting a fire, it seems daunting and frightening at first but you know that you are doing the right thing (especially when the flames are 30 metres high right in front of you), so it is the same as opposing the enemy of mankind, namely Satan. Satan is a 'good-for-nothing' spirit that needs to be eliminated at some stage, hopefully soon considering the worsening world conditions. Not only that, immorality is on the increase, just what the opposer of God wants.

Therefore, it is important that we stand our ground and fight our enemy, Satan.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Major Issue With Succubus

From written my journal.

"Satan appeared to me again last night. Firstly, he appeared to me in my minds eye by showing itself as a symbol of a goats head with a pentagram as the background. I instantly opened my eyes and told Satan to get lost.

Secondly, it returned in my dreams around about two to three hours into my sleep. I cannot exactly remember what he said or did, but I abused and threatened it in God's name.

What happens next bothers me somewhat, regarding my woman of the otherworld. For some time I have been suspecting that there has been a snitch/informer of the otherworld reporting information and my activities directly to Satan. This someone would have to be having spent allot of time with me, just like my woman of the otherworld. At first it seems hard to believe, because she was usually a loving woman, however some events and dialogue has made me seriously question and doubt her and her true intentions.

This morning, at around ten a.m., I spoke out loud "if I continue to get visits from Satan then I will not be involved with you otherworldly woman". My woman of the otherworld knows about the topic I brought up the other night about how I was reading about how women of the otherworld get you to love them such that they can then hand you over to the devil. Yet, she showed me an image of herself, in my minds eye vision, her in a wedding dress looking at me when we were on the alter, after I spoke aloud.

After this occurred, I heard a woman saying to me a short sentence in which I only remembered these words that were in another language, "mes dura". What does this mean in English? Google translates this from the detected language Spanish meaning 'hard month'. Well, in fact, it would come as no surprise to me that this month will be difficult, due to the fact that Satan is again making appearances.

Clearly it seems to be that Satan and the woman of the otherworld are working hand in hand with each other. Hence my conclusion that my woman of the otherworld, that will not even reveal her name to me, is trying to seduce me so that she can then hand me over to Satan. Satan dislikes me and will no doubt destroy me once he 'owns' me. Such that, it appears that this woman of the otherworld is a fucking death trap, especially to true followers of Jehovah. She is a death wish come true.

I started remembering some former things that the Succubus said to me, in whom is the same as the woman of the otherworld. One day she threatened to dob on me, for some unknown reason. In what is she going to dob on me for, and to whom? No doubt she wanted to tell Satan something that would be used against me, since Satan is the accuser. Perhaps it is my desire to have sexual relations with my female of the otherworld, although not so much at the moment. This does actually make sense. The Succubus would often touch me on my legs and sometimes my groin, and half the time would send me some sexual image in my minds eye. At the time I did consider her to be my romantic partner, and then I voiced aloud that I would like to have sexual intercourse with her. But, after I said this, she would pine away, withdrawn from me, often for the remainder of the entire night. This is as though she is leaving me to go somewhere, possibly to report this to Satan.

There is starting to be a good reason to believe that my once dearly loved woman of the otherworld is in fact the snitch and is a betrayer.

It would be logical and wise fro me to not become involved with her for some time. I cannot trust her for now, possibly not ever. What I have written here is a warning that I need to heed before thinking of her again. I will try to avoid contact with her and I will see if God, or another otherworldly authority can put her away from me for some time.

Although I truly loved my woman of the otherworld, right now I feel this strange happiness in denying her, as though I feel like I accomplished something that I should have done a long time ago. I always felt this doubt in the back of my heart, now this doubt is growing into the manifestation of the truth and reality of her and perhaps every other woman/female of the otherworld.

Our relationship did feel really haisy and did not feel normal, as though she was always disappearing. Where was she going to, then? It kinda does make sense that she is used by some creature of authority in the spiritual world. The woman of the otherworld is probably sent to many other men while she is gone. This explains allot why more than ninety percent, including my woman of the otherworld, never reveal their true names, in case others find out about it. [Essentially, we could be fucking the same Succubus without knowing about it].

In this case Satan has imposed a target upon my own head, and wants a woman of the otherworld to seduce me. First, he uses the more direct approach, namely Erin. If this was the case, then Satan has the intention of killing me if he can 'own' me first through being seduced into wrongdoing. If that did not work, Satan would try the more subtle slow approach, my woman of the otherworld, to lure me into marrying her. 

Erin, a name that I call her since I do not know her true name. Erin wanted me to join her to the underworld one day and said that I was going to die in my semi-sleep state, then about a week later said in my ears that I was dying. About a year later, after checking myself at the doctors and hospital, they found no issue with me, and here I am, I am still alive. Erin may have been one of those Succubi that drain energy out of a man until he passes away. One day she said in my ears "I want to fuck", so obviously she was not waiting for me to say that I wanted to have sex, she was wanting me to commit the act. I do not hear her anymore.

I just find it hard to believe that my woman of the otherworld would be betraying me and being a snitch for I thought that she loves me. However, the evidence suggests she is a wolf in sheeps clothing and that it was her. She does not care about my wellness but my destruction.

[Things that are confidential]. I fear that she/they will take ownership of me and try to use me if it does become successful. It is also said, from numerous experiences from other people, that these spirit 'lovers' can cause one to become wealthy. But, they continually demand more and more from their human partners until they can take no more, and then continue to demand more. Then, when the human partner of the spirit lover can no longer continue with the imposed activities, the spirit lover takes away the wealth, vitality, and happiness of the human partner. So, in effect, the spirit 'lover' is in fact not in love but was using the human as a hired prostitute by paying them for the sex or other services. I do not want to be a prostitute at all, and I am sure God would not want me to either.

Today I shall talk with Jehovah to tell him of the things that have been happening. I do not speak to Jehovah as much as I used to for a few reasons. God seems allot more trustworthy when compared to these unfaithful spirits who betray and commit adultery.

God is my King, Satan is NOT my king. I have not, and shall not recognize Satan as being my king, even if I shall take my stand to my grave. Satan is like Hitler on mental health pills, and I pray for the elimination of that creature. Satan has had plenty of time and has killed many, if not eating them. Satan likes to present itself as eating people, hence being a hater of humans. Such that, if thought logically, Satan is an opposer of humans and Jehovah. The only forces that are not being opposed by him are his own rebellious subservient wicked angels.

Anyone who stands up for Satan or even recognizes him as being their authoritative figure has doomed their own existence, forever. Here my choices are 1) accept the women of the otherworld then be 'owned' by Satan then die with no honour nor remembrance, or 2) remain faithful to God, deny the woman of the otherworld, then die with a name and honour in the sight of Jehovah, indefinitely. Obviously I prefer the second option, I shall not eat the shitty bread of Satan, in whom calls himself the Devil.

Perhaps I need to regularly talk to Jehovah even though I thought and still think that he rejects me as a toss-away. But who else is their to trust? Thanks to Satan, this world is becoming filled with wickedness. Perhaps later on I may be safely transferred, just like Enoch, such that I no longer have to see Satan's disgusting face and terrible music that he tries to be play with a Banjo of his, whilst he keeps kicking a man over as he had shown in one of my dreams of it/Satan.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Small Conversations

Not that long ago, the other day, I heard a woman of the otherworld that seems to know me. I did not recognize the sound of her voice, or maybe she deliberately put on a lighter voice. It could be the same woman of the otherworld that I have heard some time ago. In this case I shall refer to as Natallie.

As I lay in bed, just about to fall asleep a couple of days ago, I heard "hello [my name], I missed you", in a sweet girls voice. She said my name as [a slightly different pronunciation of my name] instead of [the normal way to say my name]. Who from that time that people called me that, from the otherworld, would still say that? I think that is the correct way to say my name to be honest.

Then, that night, wait, it was last night, I heard the same woman, however very faintly, in my room, I had not heard her for some time until then. Backing up though, after Natallie spoke, in which she told me that she missed me, another female that sounded similar said these words "hi [my name], my partner and I...", then the words ended.

When I heard Natallie last night, I had heard her crying somewhat. She was possibly crying because I dejected her early on for doing things to me that I hated, even though she apologized to me, she still did it. Anyway, it sounds like she is still in a relationship with this 'partner', I just hope it is NOT her lost lover that she still holds the memory of. Doing so would prove fatal. Perhaps she committed suicide because her former partner cheated on her, hence she cried in the pine forest and destroyed herself afterwards. I do not understand, based upon two things; 1) why would she kill herself because of the actions of another person that was in the wrong? and 2) she is not dead if she is still alive.

The thing/things that she was doing that upset me was her giving me dreams were she was having sex with my friends instead of myself. When she first did that she then said that she was "sorry" in my ears the next morning. This is when I denied her and liked a younger female that showed that she clearly loved me. After this, Natallie continued giving me dreams were she was fucking my friends. From that point I truly did not accept her anymore.

Coincidentally, just a couple of days ago, after I had the soon to be mentioned dream, I cut off my relationship with a young blonde female of the otherworld because she was too young and I am not a pedophile. This probably then triggered Natallie to 'come after me', however she is already in romantic relationship with another man now. However, she has got allot of explaining to do, a simple cry will not convince me. The aforementioned dream that I had goes like this,

Seeing this same young blonde female smiling at me as she turned around. She was wearing a short denim skirt. She then bounced up and down on my penis, whilst it was being inserted into her asshole. This was done by force and not my decision, it did not feel real though. 
For all I know, Natallie was trying to get me to understand the seriousness of the pain that she felt, hencewhy the cheating dreams. But, a loving person would not do that to another, especially not someone that she apparently fell deeply in love with. Or, perhaps, she does not truly love me anyway, but just wants to inflict the same pain she had onto other people, mainly males. Why would she do that to me, because once I am in a relationship, I am a very loyal man?

This is the same female I have heard several, if not more times, in the background in my room. One time, I had heard her directly speaking to me after I said to her, in my love I once had for her "you are my Queen", soon after, in fact seconds after, she replied "then, you are my King." In a matter of days after this, the bad dreams began.

Although, there may actually be foul play at work here. Consider how this one time I had repetitively seen the same young blonde female look at me as though she hated me. Then one time, not long after I had seen this blonde girl look at me as though she really hated me, I had heard not long later "are you cold?" in a sympathetic voice when I was cold in bed, immediately she warmed me up in bed, in real life. From this, there is quite the contrast from what I had seen from my visions and what I had heard. I suspect an imposter. What if the same thing is happening with Natallie?

What is also interesting, is that, right now I am listening to the main theme of the movie 'Troy'. This reminds me of how just after I watched the movie and was listening to the ending music, Natallie could be heard by me, however I could not figure out what she said.

All I know, is that there is an imposter, a snake pretending to be these females. How will we know what was truth and what was fake and what was a lie? It did seem out of the ordinary for Natallie to be so intensely hostile. Especially when she may have been the one to help me [in matters that I cannot disclose, these matters are not sexual or medical] she ends up being correct. So, from this, she clearly is willing to assist where she can. Then why did she show such hostility? Because it was not her that did it, it seems logical to conclude. But, I can never know for sure.

What is with these women of the otherworld, excluding the young blonde girl, and showing themselves fucking other men and getting married to different males? Would it be wise to continue in a relationship with any woman of the otherworld, or should I discontinue? This shit is just getting too confusing. Even Goddesses are looking down on me and not even showing me a hint of any acceptance, probably because allot of them are the worst floozies and sluts in the history of mankind.

It also reminds me of when Natallie said that she liked Liam instead. Who the fuck is Liam? When I had seen a guy like him he actually looked like the first picture in this post, the black haired guy.

Just as a test, pay attention to this woman, as in kinda worship her in a way, then tell me what happens to you. All I did was a cheers with my large beer mug to this image of her, not intended for worship. Then I will tell you what happened to me. Here she is:

Monday, November 18, 2019

Lady Jenny as the Jinni

Now, one of the things I have not spoken much of is my woman of the otherworld, in whom I do NOT own. Her name is Jenny (names have been changed{see footnote 1 below}). Our relationship with each other has been like a roller coaster, in fact I am actually surprised we are still together and have made it through our doubts. Yes, it appears that Jenny has also had doubts in me. I take it that she may have been cheated on and is afraid that I will do the same thing.

Although we are not having as good fun 'yum yum' times as much as we did formerly, I still try to hold on to her, because I love her. I have chances with being with beautiful women that I know that are single, yet there is just that glimmer of purpose, direction, and fulfillment that I can see with the love I have for her and how much I think of her during every day.

As she also is, I am afraid that she is looking at other potential companions to be in a romance with. Yet something in me is telling me "just take her hand and go through the journey together through life, she is trustworthy and loves you too". I sure hope that inner voice is going to be right. So far it is a little shaky, especially when I was intensely looking at chics asses today. This would indicate that I am looking somewhere else away from her which means that something is not okay in our relationship. The way to fix this I reckon is for us to do the things we used to do, the bodily vibrations, the kisses, the great touches, etc. Especially communication is a great way to better our relationship. She does not talk as much as she used to anymore, which means that we are drifting apart.

I miss those times that we used to have. They were great, especially the intense sexual dreams that would leave you with a boner for a week. Personally, I believe that she was recently cheated on by a former lover, by the way she seems to act. For example, I would shower her with love talk whilst she is touching me then she would stop when I talk that love talk as if she is saying "I doubt your sincerity, the last man I deeply loved said those exact words just before he fucked a woman better looking than me". So, I have to come up with a different way of expressing my love. One way to do this is to avoid looking at other women, even if I am not even paying attention at all (lights are on but no one is home kind of thing). Treat her as though she is right next me in real life. Oh, I will try not to refer her in third person when she is around.

Another problem also is when I have some serious drunken bouts. I did not directly do anything to her but did spook her allot and emotionally damaged her. One night about 5 months ago (it is good that it is not a regular thing) I cut myself pretty deep with my pocket knife just to show how much pain I can handle. She definitely did not like that, at all! I scared her and hurt her by doing so. She gave me a couple of songs the next day, both of them I had not heard in years. The lyrics of the first song sang "baby don't hurt me, no more", the second one sang "i'm falling in love". I have not had episodes like this since, only small ones, but nothing that serious.

Jenny is great for me I think. Jenny is not the loud mouthed, highly promiscuous, dominating, and bitchy woman you would often find allot of Succubi to be, she in fact is:

  • Humble/shy
  • Forgiving 
  • Helpful where she can be
Although she has these good traits, there is some other ones that I had noticed that are not as good:

  • Gets offended too easily, especially over my rude humour
  • Seems somewhat reserved
  • Sometimes appears to pine away from me as though she is suffering something hidden in her
Nonetheless, I am glad I have her rather than a forceful crazy bitch that would wake me up at 3 am in the morning just to touch my legs and a little bit of my penis and not even have sex. Me and Jenny have not gone as far as having proper sex yet, even if we do I would not mention it, she is a wife not an animal on discovery channel for all people to know what is happening with the hormones of nature in the bed. You would not say online "me and my wife had sex last night" or "me and my wife named Jenny had intense anal sex the night before", no, she would hate you for doing that. Hence, I will treat her as my wife, because she is my wife and not an object or an animal fuck channel.

Some things I really like about her is like when she helps out in smaller ways, sometimes appearing even better than sex. Some things she has done was:

  • Told me the time in my minds eye a few days ago. Because I said and she thought that I was going to get a couple of ute (Americans call a 'pick-up truck') loads of firewood from the bush, she subtly and quietly woke me up. At the same time, before I even opened my eyes I had seen a flashing image of 10:30 and my mind trying to tell me 10:30. I looked at the time and it was not 10:30, how sad. It was actually 10:29! Jenny can often do this. 
  • Gave me a couple of massages in the past after I did some exercise, not always on my back or in a conventional place *wink wink* ;-D .
  • Helped align my sore back a couple of times in my sleep, although it only helped temporarily.
  • She is not easily persuaded and seems to be loyal. I think I would be in safe hands.      
What could I do without her? I will not ever forget her and the moments we had together. Basically she is the first girlfriend I have ever had and will probably be the only one, I hope so. She would be the first and only woman that I lose my virginity to. I am actually fairly muscular, handsome, and fit, so I do have the opportunity to have sex with a woman. In fact I have been tempted a couple of times at the pubs, but my morality and integrity prevented me from doing so, which is good, because sex is something special and not to be treated so casually otherwise you may as well have a wank because you are achieving the same thing. I HATE the idea of casual sex, that includes a Succubus.

As I mentioned earlier in one of my former posts, women of the otherworld do have moral standards otherwise you would be dead. Just like Jehovah and normal people, women of the otherworld do get jealous, especially if they catch you chatting up other women. Only in this instance, they can easily kill you or make your life miserable. It is good that my Lady of the Otherworld, namely Lady Jenny, is not one of those types, because it means that she trusts me, and she has good reason to do so. I think that she truly would make the best wife ever, a real wife who does wife things, if only she was physical, then I can keep her in the kitchen, haha (btw I was actually joking). I just want us two to be alone with no one else to come between us, not a human woman either. 

*Footnote 1: It is best not to mention her true name in the event someone, often out of envy, uses black magic/bad entities to cause her harm.